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Cole Butler
Board Member

I moved to Oklahoma in 1981 where I started the Tulsa Police Academy in July of that year. I spent the first ten years of my career as a patrolman, then was accepted into the Investigations Unit for the next three years. From there I was recruited to the Detective Division where I served in the burglary unit for nine years. The remainder of my 37.5 year career in law enforcement has been back in patrol. In 1990 I made the Special Operations Team as a Crisis Negotiator where I have been since (minus a three year hiatus). I have been on many call outs dealing with people in a crisis situation, including suicidal, homicidal, and mentally or emotionally challenged individuals. I am a CLEET certified instructor and have taught many classes to other officers and academy classes regarding handling the mentally ill and numerous other topics associated with interpersonal communication skills. I have been married to Debbie for over thirty years. We have four children and four grandchildren. We live in Claremore, Oklahoma.

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