Our Story

Graham Darby

Graham was born in Northern England his Father was a coal miner and his Mother was a homemaker for the family.  Graham grew up understanding what social expectations were needed and had respect for what he had been given. He spent  his school years attending the Church of England School and was taught religious studies daily. He graduated at the age of 16 and was working within a week for a small local engineering company as a welder. His passion for Engineering has allowed him to travel the world.  In doing so he has had the privilege to work alongside people from all different backgrounds.  This taught Graham the importance and the true meaning of working and sharing knowledge even when sometimes a language barrier required patience for all parties involved. Today he is a more experienced professional who has made a career in Engineering.  On a personal level Graham believes everyone should be allowed a second chance in life.  His goal as a board member for RSON is to make sure that it prospers in its mission to provide the resources needed to allow these men a second chance in life.  He believes that every individual has a working passion just as he does and he wants to make sure they get the training they need to experience their passion and be a valued member of society again.

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